How to improve English with 4 steps 100% free.

Hey, you ashamed to speak in English or Scare to talk with anyone because of a Lack of confidence? or searching for How to improve english speaking.

Then don’t worry today I will tell How to improve English with 4 Steps to speak English confidently and fluently. 

As we all know nowadays’s learning the English language is very important. If you want to get selected in companies interview then you should able to speak at least basic communication English. 

Ahead, if you need promotion in your professional career then excellent communication skills are a must. 

No need to worry guys English is just a language that we used to communicate with each other.

And currently, you are reading this blog which is written in English so you have a basic understanding of English.

You only need to do some practice and improvement in your sentence forming. Today we will work on this 2 points.

Let’s start with the How to Improve English with 4 steps.

Step 1: -Listen

Yes, first listen to English from any available sources. 

So why listening first?

Listening helps us to get familiar with new words. Like our mother tongue first, we started to listen to what your parents are talking about, then we started to talk, and after sometimes, we started to speak confidently and fluently in the mother tongue.

That concept apply here as well first get familiar with the words and then we will proceed to our next step.

If you want to learn a new thing, you need to invest time, and because of the internet, most of the stuff we get is free of cost, so utilize this stuff and improve your skills.

Just give at least half an hour a day to your listening task. You can listen anytime you get free time, like traveling.

Now the question is from where to listen and what to listen to?

Okay, you can start listening to English from YouTube, English songs, or TV shows, Web series, etc. 

The best practice to listen to is listening to a motivational speaker. You can get many videos on youtube free of cost. And I will suggest you find something which you loved like I like cricket, so I listen to cricket commentary. 

Like that, you can find content in your interest just take a few efforts to find it. 

Now we are familiar with words let’s go to the next step…

Step 2: -Speaking

After getting familiar with English, it’s time to start using it in our day-to-day life. Means start speaking English with your family member who knows English or with your best friend. You can also speak with your colleagues in the workplace but don’t lose hope if anyone laughs at you.

Just analyze your mistake work on it and try to avoid those mistakes next time.

Speak with yourself like stand in front of the mirror and start talking with you like normal communication. Speak about what you did today or what you want to do. 

Record your voice on your mobile phone. Speak for at least 5 minutes without pause. Just speak anything that you like. 

Now listen to your voice, analyze what mistake you made while speaking, work on it, and repeat these steps every day.

Day by day, you will feel confident while speaking English, and now you are confident in English speaking, we need to work on to get our English on the next stage.

So our next step is…

Step 3: -Reading

Why reading if I can speak fluently?

Yes, We can speak fluently but we need to expand your vocabulary. That why we need to start reading. 

Again we can pick any article or books which are written on our favorite topics. I read the sports section of the newspaper or any article which is written on cricket. 

Don’t just read articles mark words which are new to you. Open a dictionary and search for that word’s meaning and note down or if your memory power is strong, just keep in mind.

Daily if we learn 10 new words, we will learn 300 words per month, and the number will increase as we explore more words.

Now try to use these words in day-to-day life to get more familiar with these words, and you will not lose these words from your mind.

Boom, Now we have improved your English now. Just a final touch is remaining. This step will help you in every stage. So don’t skip this.

Now we are in the last steps of our mission How to Improve English.

Step 4: -Writing

Writing is important because when we are writing something we remember it better. So start writing.

Again use the same concept to write, write something that you like.

Write about your passion, write about your future goal, your short term goal, or long term goal.

Write an essay on yourself; if you are writing at night, write down what you did today or your tomorrow’s plan.

But here we need to take the help of Sofware to analyze our mistake and correct us or give us a good suggestion.

Hey, don’t worry it’s a free software called Grammarly.

Just sign up for free from the below link and start using it. Let me tell you how to use it.

How to use the software?

  1. Click Here that will redirect you to the Grammarly Home page.
  2. Click on sign up and create your account.
  3. Click on New/Uploads.
  4. Start writing.

This software will give us alerts when we make mistakes so we can correct those mistakes. As we all know, this is a free tool, so grab this opportunity and use this tool to improve your English.

If you have money to invest, you can purchase a Premium membership of Grammarly; it gives more Premium membership feature, but if you don’t have money or are student free plan is good for you.

That’s all from my side if you have any queries or feedback comments below.

If you want to know more about Grammarly. Please visit

It’s now or never so don’t waste time and start from today. 


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